More durable. More comfortable. More like it.

EVO1 Portable Toilet

For over 51 years J&J has serving the portable sanitation industry meeting the needs of clients worldwide and are excited to reveal the EVO1 portable toilet. EVO1 is designed to maximize comfort for the end user as well as providing a more durable and easy-to-maintain portable toilet for the operator.

Designed for Comfort

EVO1’s comfortable, roomy interior along with molded-in vent screens allows for continuous airflow that greatly reduces odor.  EVO1 provides a door hook and shelf to hang a purse or jacket as well as a conveniently placed hover handle on the interior door. The seat is positioned specifically to reduce visibility to the urinal and reduce urine odor.

Durable and Easy to Clean

The EVO1 is assembled with high density polyethylene making it able to withstand high amounts of impact and abuse without cracking or breaking. EVO1 is built with a front sloping tank top, domed floor and smooth sumped tank forcing liquids to drain rather than puddle.  EVO1 also provides a durable stand over urinal with a clog reducing drain tube.

The sumped tank is also designed to reduce mounding and improve deodorizer coverage making cleaning and maintenance extremely easy and efficient.