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Strong. Smart. Durable.

Echo Toilets & Sinks | Echo Portable Toilet

Introducing Echo

With over 55 years of experience in the Portable Sanitation Industry, J&J has built a worldwide reputation for developing and supplying products that meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

The revolutionary Echo Portable Toilet is a major step forward thanks to all the helpful advice from our many customers.

You asked for an exceptionally durable toilet that would withstand constant use and abuse, one that is easy to clean and maintain, and with some innovative ideas for operators and users alike.

Strong. Smart. Durable.

The result is the new Echo Portable Toilet with smart features like a domed floor with drains in front of the tank to for easy cleaning and no puddling. An easy to clean deep sumped holding tank and  a gender friendly hover handle. The sides and roof have built in hand grip areas for effortless moving. Strong, Smart, Durable.

Designed for Comfort

Echo’s comfortable, roomy interior along with high flow molded-in vent screens allow for continuous airflow that effectively reduces odor.

The comfortable well ventilated interior provides a convenient coat hook, corner shelf and a gender friendly hover handle.

The seat is positioned precisely to reduce visibility to the urinal and reduce urine odor. The back corner vent stack not only efficiently vents odor from the highest point of the tank but also creates a roomier feel.

Built for Durability and Easy Maintenance

The Echo is assembled with high-density polyethylene enabling it to withstand high amounts of impact & abuse without cracking or breaking. A front sloping tank top and domed floor design allow for liquid to drain rather than puddling.

The Echo’s door is designed to open 180° without any damage to the hinges or spring and the heavy duty rotary latch will withstand years of use. The urinal provides a durable stand over design with a clog & vandal resistant drain attached to the wall. The sumped tank is also designed to reduce mounding and improve deodorizer coverage making cleaning and maintenance extremely easy and efficient.


  • Large 65 gallon sumped tank
  • Molded-in vent screens
  • Durable corner construction
  • Heavy duty rotary latch
  • Stand over urinal with clog reducing drain tube
  • Convenient coat hook, shelf and hover handle
  • Corner drain roof w/ hand grip surfaces for tilting the toilet easily.
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty


  • Height: 91.5″ (2324.1mm)

  • Width: 44″ (1118mm)

  • Depth: 48″ (1219mm)

  • Door opening: 73.5″ x 24″ (1866.9mm x 610mm)

  • Floor area: 861 in² (5554.83 cm²)

  • Tank capacity : 65 gal (246L)

  • Seat height: 18.5″ (469.9mm)

  • Weight: 164 lbs. (75kg)

Available In a Variety of Colors

Royal Blue





Forest Green


Navy Blue